"I can hear the bears voice stirring inside, raising from his slumber.

He is restless, pawing, growling, ready to roar."  

We are sons

Fatherless.  I let that word define me for so long.  I searched for validation in so many places.  I was angry that I had been left to figure life out on my own.   I ultimately learned that I have a Heavenly Father who initiates, teaches, and creates intentional moments every day.  We are fighting, we've been wounded.  We are still fighting.  As iron sharpens iron so shall one man sharpen another.  I don't have it all figured out, but we are  in the fight, and learning with every attack.  That's why I have started this blog, and asked my brothers to join me, our goal is to help others to know that You are a beloved Son, of a strong intentional Father.  You  have what it takes.  You have a Father that is proud of You.


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...Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.         

-Mark 9:24

"A man comes alive when the geography around us corresponds with the geography of our heart."

                                                           -John Eldredge

"I want to get to a place where time and money no longer control me."

                                                           -Matt Miller